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What is genital herpes?


Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) caused by a virus. When an infection there will be some blisters and scabs on and around your penis, vagina and / or anus. After infection, the virus remains in the body present and can at times flare again.
Symptoms of genital herpes

A first infection gives approximately 4 to 5 days after the infection symptoms. Arise complaints pain and itching around vagina, labia or penis. There arise small blisters and small hard lumps under the skin of the genitals. These may coalesce into sores.

In the second or third week occurs healing of sores which there scabs formed worden.Vaak occurs pain on urination, and there will be abnormal discharge from the urethra. In women, there is often abnormal discharge from the vagina.

In about half of the people who become infected act on complaints of fever, headache and spierpijn.Vrouwen often have more symptoms than men. Sometimes genital herpes is not clearly recognizable and different complaints with the complaints described above.


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Recurrent genital herpes

By often unknown causes occur sometimes again infections with the virus that has been lurking in the nervous system. A few days before the infection becomes visible again occur sometimes violent, shooting pains in the perineum or hips.

The infection manifests itself through groups of small blisters on red skin. Approximately 8-12 days after the appearance of the blisters have healed and she disappeared. In the first years after the initial infection is about 70 percent again by genital herpes.


What causes genital herpes?

There are two types of herpes simplex virus. One type is used in particular around the lips (the cold sore), but can also be transmitted via the genitals. The other type can also occur around the lips but is especially common around the genitals.

Transmission of the infection occurs by close contact with a person who excretion of the virus. The virus penetrates through the mucous membranes or small wounds inside. Especially in the vesicles, the high concentration of the virus.

The virus can sometimes be transmitted by someone who carries the virus but has no physical complaints.

It is serious and what can you expect?

The signs and symptoms of genital herpes can give change dramatically. Often there are no symptoms (especially with repeated infections), but sometimes the infections can be very serious. This is particularly true for patients who have a reduced resistance. The first infection usually produces symptoms. Repetitions take place in more than 50 percent without complaints. You can, however, be contagious.

Occasionally, there are complications. These complications occur in women more often than men. In women, it occurs after a genital herpes infection is often a fungal infection in the vagina. This shows symptoms of itching and irritation. A rare complication in women is an ascending infection involving the uterus, ovaries and peritoneum may become inflamed. Fortunately, this is extremely rare.

Sometimes the area around the genitals is more sensitive or less sensitive to touch. A common complication of genital herpes is a strep throat.

When to get tested for Herpes or to see a doctor?

Do you have symptoms that may indicate a genital herpes, it is advisable to get a Herpes home test. The Herpes home test is fast and easy to prform and gives you a visible test result in 20 minutes.

Sometimes the symptoms are so obvious that it is not needed and will directly deal with the doctor. With minor complaints, the doctor may decide symptomatic treatment with zinc oil. This works indrogend.

When many complaints can handle the GP decisions with an anti-viral agent. Starting this is only useful as long as there arise any new blisters.

Sometimes antiviral drugs also prescribed as a chronic treatment in patients who regularly suffer from recurrent genital herpes symptoms. can also be decided to give a chronic treatment in patients with a low resistance.



Also, if you are pregnant and are thinking carrier of genital herpes is to take advised to contact their GP. A first infection with herpes in the last two weeks of pregnancy will make for a high risk of infection of the baby during labor. Therefore, it can be decided to perform a cesarean section.


What can you do yourself?

Genital herpes is a viral infection that is transmitted by sexual contact. Safe sex is the chance of infection reduced. But also the use of condoms is not always prevent an infestation.


General advice and precautions

A Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) have been contagious to others even if you have no symptoms, or the symptoms are so vague that you do not bother you. This infectivity lasts from the moment you walk up to him until the treatment is completed.

It is therefore important that your partner (s) with whom you have had sexual contact alerts as they STD also may have even though they may have no symptoms. Moreover, they can unwittingly pass on the STD.

By alerting your partner (s) will prevent the STD further distributed or it will seriously affect others. If you find it difficult to yourself to tell your sexual partner (s) that you have an STD, you can contact the social nurse STD / AIDS clinic. He / she can anonymously warn your partner if you give permission.